Honor Choice Earbuds X5 Pro - Grey

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Honor Choice X5 Pro Earbuds

46dB Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation | Support Hi-Res Audio | 40 Hours Long Battery Life


46dB Adaptive Active
Noise Cancellation

Seamlessly adapting to environmental changes, and maintaining consistent sound quality.

Three-stage Noise
Cancellation Adjustment

The earbuds offer three noise cancellation modes:cozy, moderate and ultra. You can choose the appropriate depth of noise cancellation based on different scenarios.

A Long Pinch of the Earbuds
Switches to Awarenes Mode

Important outside sound can be heard clearly in sync.

Wind Noise Cancellation

Reducing wind noise, better music experience during sports and going outdoors.

Hi-Res Resolution Sound Quality
Igbition in an Instant

High-resolution sound quality witn Hi-Res Audio Wireless, certification, highly restores authentic sound. Thanks to LDAC audio codec, you can enjoy rich music details and ignite emotions in an instant.

Experience Spatial Surround Sound
Immerse Yourself in Music

With the support of advanced audio algorithms,the 3D surround soundstage surrounds you in a captivating three-dimensional space,enabling you to enjoy dynamic and immersive audio effects to the fullest.

12mm Polymer Composite
Diaphragm Driver Unit

More dynamic rhythm, no leakage of sound. Bring surging bass and a wide sound field.

Ultra-long 40 Hours Battery
Life for Anytime Listening

The earbuds support up to 9 hours of playback on a full charge, and up to 40 hours of playback, with multiple charges in the case.

Bluetooth 5.3 Stable Connection
Not Afraid of Network Disconnection

New dual-mode Bluetooth supports both classic Bluetooth and low-power Bluetooth, and provides enhanced connection stability.

Dual Devices Connection
Free Switching

Two devices can be connected at the same time, allowing the earbuds to seamlessly switch between cell phones, tablets, or PCs. This enables a millisecond intelligent switching experience, you can switch between the two devices, one for entertainment and the other for work.

Low Latency Gaming Mode

Switch to gaming mode and immediately hear the sounds of the battlefield.
Ensuring you don’t miss any crucial moments in the game and get an immersive gaming experience.

Accurate Pressure-Sensitive Control
Clearly Identifying Your Intention

It accurately recognizes pinching gestures, reducing the risk of mistaken touch, thumping sound caused by touch control and clearly identifying the user's intention.

Long pinch:

· Switch
· Noise Cancelling/Off/Awareness
· Reject incoming call


· Music mode
· Play/Pause
· Incoming call mode
· Answer/Hang up

Pinch quickly twice:

· Next track

Pinch quickly three times:

· Previous track

No Fear of Dust or Sweat

With an IP54 rated of dust and water resistance, these earbuds are suitable for various activities such as climbing or riding, ensuring that you can enjoy your music regardless of sand, dust, or rain.

Device Search

The earbuds support a ringing mode to help locate them when they are misplaced. By maintaining the Bluetooth connection between the earbuds and phone, you can trigger the earbuds to make a sound through the HONOR AI Space APP, helping to find the earbuds.

Dual earbuds


Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth 5.3

Bluetooth protocol supported

A2DP 1.3、AVRCP 1.6、HFP 1.7、SPP 1.2、GATT



Charging Port

Earbuds:Charge by Charging box

Charging box:USB Type C


Earbuds:Pinch control, support pinch once, dual-pinch, tri-pinch and pinch and hold.

Charging box:One function button.

Indicator light

Charging box has a dual-color indicator light (white, red)

Power input


Charging time

Charging the earbuds: around 60 minutes.

Charging the charging case: around 100 minutes.

Charging the case and earbuds at the same time: around 120 minutes.

Data comes from Wingtech Laboratory.

Battery capacity and type

Battery capacity of earbuds: 45 mAh (typical capacity)

Battery capacity of charging case: 490 mAh (typical capacity)

Type: lithium-ion polymer battery

Music playback/call endurance

Single charge endurance:

Music playback: about 9 hours (ANC OFF)/ about 7 hours (ANC ON or awareness enabled)

Call endurance: about 5 hours (ANC OFF、ANC ON or Awareness enabled)

Total endurance (use the charging box to charge the battery of earbuds):

Music playback duration: about 40 hours (ANC OFF)/ about 35 hours (ANC ON or Awareness enabled)

Call endurance: about 22 hours (ANC OFF、ANC ON or Awareness enabled)

Test method for music playback: The music is played at 50% volume with AAC A2DP codec and ANC OFF. The earbuds’ battery is discharged during music playback. They are charged to full every 6 hours by the charging case until the case is completely drained of power and the earbuds automatically turn off.

Test method for call endurance: Pair Bluetooth on the mobile phone, and conduct a voice call, during which the volume is adjusted to 50%. The earbuds’ battery is full discharged during the call. They are charged to full by the charging case until the case is completely drained of power and the earbuds automatically turn off.

Battery life may vary depending on device settings, usage and many other factors.

Standby power consumption


Effective frequency bandwidth for music playing

20 Hz - 20,000 Hz

A2DP decoding format

AAC、SBC、LDAC(Note: LDAC is disabled by default and needs to be opened in the HONOR AI Space app before it can be used. After enabling LDAC, the dual device connection and spatial sound function will be disabled)


1 moving coil driver (12-mm diameter)


3 microphones per earbud

Dual devices connection


No need to pair again at different devices use the same HONOR account


Find earbuds

Supports ringing to find earbuds. While keeping the Bluetooth connection between the earbuds and the phone, trigger the earbuds to emit sound through the HONOR AI Space app to locate the specific location of the earbuds.


Weight of a single earbud: about 4.8g

Weight of charging box: about 38.3g

The actual weight may vary depending on the process.

Earbuds dimensions

Length * width * thickness: 30.9mm *20.9mm *23.5mm

The actual dimensions may vary depending on the process.

Charging box dimensions

Length * width * thickness: 67.9mm *50.2mm *25.5mm

The actual dimensions may vary depending on the process.


Operating temperature: 0°C-45°C

Charging temperature: 0°C-45°C

Storage temperature: -20°C-60°C

Dustproof and waterproof

Earbuds:IP54 rating

Charging box: Not support

Bluetooth name


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