Apple Watch Ultra 2 49mm GPS + Cellular - Titanium Case with Blue Ocean Band

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Apple Watch Ultra 2

49mm | GPS | Cellular | Titanium Case | Ocean Band


Next-level adventure.

The most rugged and capable Apple Watch pushes the limits again. Featuring the all-new S9 SiP. A magical new way to use your watch without touching the screen. The brightest Apple display ever. And now you can choose a case and strap combination that is carbon neutral.

Looks tough.
Because it is.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 is crafted for unparalleled performance. The lightweight titanium case is rugged and corrosion resistant, and it’s raised to protect the sapphire crystal from edge impacts.

49mm titanium case

Water resistance 100m

Tested to MIL-STD 810H

IP6X dust resistance


The biggest and brightest
Apple Watch display ever.

Powered by the all-new S9 SiP, the Always‑On Retina display is 3,000 nits at its peak, making it even more readable in harsh sunlight. In low-light situations, it dims to 1 nit. Night mode now activates automatically in the dark. The large display gives you room to customise your view to suit almost any activity. And a new watch face shows dynamic info like altitude, depth or seconds along the outermost edges.

Ready for Action

The customisable Action button gives you quick, physical control over a variety of functions. It can do things like start a workout, mark a Compass Waypoint or begin a dive. Just like you, it’s full of potential.


Battery life for days

When you’re on the second day of a backpacking trip, the final leg of a triathlon or diving along a coral reef, the last thing you want to think about is running out of battery. With Apple Watch Ultra 2, you can take on almost anything and have energy to spare.

Up to 36hrs of normal use

Up to 72hrs of normal use with low power settings enabled

Up to 17hrs of workout use in Low Power Mode


Magic. At your fingertips

Quickly and easily interact with your Apple Watch Ultra 2 without touching the display. Double tap your index finger and thumb to answer calls, pause and resume timers, and more. It makes everyday actions even easier, especially in demanding situations where you don’t have an extra hand to spare.


Goes further.
So you can too.

Whether it’s your first run in a while, a 10K or a triathlon, it takes a certain mentality to seek out challenges that test you physically. Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the ultimate training partner, and it’s packed with new features to help you reach your goals.

Heart Rate Zones

Quickly see your intensity level. Training zones are automatically calculated and personalised using your health data, or you can create them manually.

Multisport workout

Combine running, cycling or swimming into a single workout. The Workout app will automatically recognise when you switch between activities.

Support for fitness apps

Apple Watch Ultra 2 supports custom workout APIs so apps like TrainingPeaks can directly export your scheduled workouts to the Workout app.


Running metrics that go the extra mile.

Custom workouts

Set the time and distance goals of each interval of your workout. And add warmups, cooldowns and recovery intervals.

Advanced running metrics

Measure Stride Length, Ground Contact Time, and Vertical Oscillation. And train for specific time goals with Pacer.

Race Route

If it's an Outdoor Run or Cycle workout you do often, you can choose to race against your last or best result.

GPS far ahead of the curve.

GPS performance is critical for athletes who want the most precise metrics. Apple Watch Ultra 2 features a precision dual-frequency GPS system, which makes it the most accurate GPS in a sports watch in dense urban environments.


Peak performance.

Designed to take on a wide range of environments, elevations and temperatures, Apple Watch Ultra 2 is an essential exploration tool that can take you everywhere. And help get you home.

The compass reimagined.

An accurate compass is as crucial for navigating the wild as a solid pair of boots. Additions to the Compass app deliver views and functionality that take wrist-driven orienteering to new heights.

Built for the backcountry. 

Advanced map details make Apple Watch Ultra 2 a vital companion out in the wild. New topographic maps show physical features in over 1000 national and regional parks in the US, including mountains, valleys and bodies of water, with details like trails, contour lines, elevation and points of interest. And see detailed trail information such as length, photos and more.


even in the sea.

Built to withstand jet-skiing in Maunalua Bay or kitesurfing in Tarifa. Apple Watch Ultra 2 features a depth gauge and the data and functionality required by scuba and freedivers for descents down to 40 metres.

EN13319 certified

An internationally recognised standard for diving accessories.

A fully featured dive computer.

Designed in partnership with renowned underwater innovators Huish Outdoors, the Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra 2 puts a bona fide dive computer on your wrist. Made for recreational snorkelling, scuba diving and freediving down to 40 metres, with all the core features divers need. It’s also refreshingly easy to use.

Innovation that goes deep. 

The Depth app is ideal for tracking recreational underwater activity. It activates automatically when you submerge and shows the time, current depth, water temperature, duration under water, and maximum depth you’ve reached. It also shows a dive summary on your watch, and saves a log of each session in the Fitness app on your iPhone. This gives you a complete history of your dives, including a graph of the dive and a map showing the GPS entry point.


Everything to love about Apple Watch.

With features that help you stay healthy, safe and connected, the watch that pushes limits is also one you can wear every day.


The ECG app can record your heartbeat and rhythm using the electrical heart sensor and then check the recording for atrial fibrillation, a form of irregular rhythm.

Heart health notifications

Receive notifications of unusually high or low heart rates and irregular heart rhythms.

Sleep tracking

Keep track of your sleep. See how much time you spend in three sleep stages: REM, Core and Deep. And know when you might have woken up.

Temperature sensing

An innovative temperature sensor enables groundbreaking insights for women’s health and advanced cycle tracking. And it records overnight temperature changes, which you can see in the Health app.

Blood oxygen

Get readings of your blood oxygen for insights into an important indicator of your overall wellness.



GPS + Cellular 



Watch strap

Blue Ocean Band 




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W3 Apple wireless chipW3 Apple wireless chip 


S9 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor


Always-On Retina display

Up to 3000 nits

Buttons and Connectors

Double tap Gesture

Faster on-device Siri with health data access¹

Digital Crown with haptic feedback

Side button

Customisable Action Button

GPS Antenna

Dual Speakers


Three-Mic Array

Depth Gauge

Note : 

1. Coming later in the year

Power and Battery

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Up to 36 hours

Up to 72 hours in Low Power Mode 

USB-C magnetic fast charging cable 


All-day battery life is based on the following use: 180 time checks, 180 notifications, 90 minutes of app use, and a 60-minute workout with music playback from Apple Watch via Bluetooth, over the course of 36 hours; Apple Watch Ultra 2 (GPS + Cellular) usage includes a total of 8 hours of LTE connection and 28 hours of connection to iPhone via Bluetooth over the course of 36 hours. Battery life in Low Power Mode is based on the following use: 360 time checks, 360 notifications, 180 minutes of app use, and two 60-minute workouts with music playback from Apple Watch via Bluetooth, over the course of 72 hours; Apple Watch Ultra 2 (GPS + Cellular) usage includes on-demand LTE connection and 60 hours of connection to iPhone via Bluetooth over the course of 72 hours. Testing conducted by Apple in August 2023 using preproduction Apple Watch Ultra 2 (GPS + Cellular) paired with an iPhone; all devices tested with prerelease software. Battery life varies by use, configuration, cellular network, signal strength, and many other factors; actual results will vary.

Size and Weight


Dimensions:49 mm x 44 mm x 14.4 mm

Weight:61.4 grams



410 x 502 pixels
1185 sq mm display area



Always-on altimeter 

Blood oxygen sensor

Electrical heart sensor

Third-generation optical heart sensor

High-g accelerometer

High dynamic range gyroscope

Ambient light sensor

Water temperature sensor

In The Box

Apple Watch

Watch Band

USB-C Magnetic Fast Charging Cable

Cellular and Wireless

LTE and UMTS: GPS + Cellular model

Wi-Fi 4: 802.11n

Bluetooth 5.3

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