LG K41S Penta Camera 32GB - Titanium

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Quad Camera

4 Cameras to Shoot Your Favorites

Bring more versatility to photography. Capture your favorite moments anytime, anywhere, and however you like, with the outstanding resolution of the Quad Camera's standard, wide angle, depth sensor, and macro lenses.

4 Cameras to Shoot Your Favorites3

Macro Camera

Up Close and Magical

Take crystal clear close ups, from as close as 4cm away, then touch the part you want to animate, and see the photo come to life and move.

Up Close and Magical1

Super Wide Camera

For All the Eye Can See

The whole scene with nothing left out. The Wide Angle Camera gives you a broader view to capture spectacular skylines, huge group shots, and breathtaking landscapes that go on forever.

For All the Eye Can See1

Depth Camera

Focus On What Matters

Add extra dimension to your photography. Shots look even more striking with subjects in full focus against soft and dreamy backgrounds.

Focus On What Matters1

AI Camera

Just the Right Enhancements

Bring out the best in every scene. AI detects what's in the frame and applies the ideal settings—whether you're snapping your best friend, puppy, pizza party, spring views, tropical beaches, or the sun's daily spectaculars.

Just the Right Enhancements1

Cinematic Ratio Large Display

Epic Movie Screen

Enter the world of cinema. Appreciate films in all their glory on the 20:9 wide display—the cinematic ratio they're meant to be watched in.

Epic Movie Screen1

4,000mAh Battery

Fierce Battery Life

All-day juice. The 4000mAh battery powers you from dusk to dawn. Stream movies, play games, and take photos without thinking about your charger.

Fierce Battery Life1

DTS-X 3D Surround Sound

Thrilling Audio Experience

Movie-worthy sound right on your phone. DTS-X makes you feel like you're in the middle of the soundscape. Hear gentle whispers, immense explosions, and creaking footsteps with dynamic clarity.

Thrilling Audio Experience1

MIL-STD-810G Test

Military Standard Approved

Accidents happen, but with MIL-STD-810G certification, your phone can take a beating. Military testing proves it can withstand active lifestyles and random drops.

Military Standard Approved1

Google Assistant Button

Assistance on the Go

At your beck and call. Ask Google Assistant to find taco spots, trending playlists, or even let you know which flower you're looking at. There's no task too big for your handy phone aide.

Assistance on the Go1


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